Arianne Weiss Prestia and the Weiss Family Chiropractic Centers Assist Top Dressage Riders

Written by Betsy LaBelle - In Dressage Directory - Monday, January 19, 2015

Dr. Arianne Weiss Prestia and the Weiss Family Chiropractic Centers cares for Dressage riders Photo: Tracy Trevorrow

Chiropractor Dr. Arianne Weiss Prestia practices at the Weiss Family Chiropractic Centers located in Wellington explained, “A rider’s properly aligned bones have so much to do with core strength. Otherwise, muscles do not effectively communicate with the horse.”

The wellbeing of a dressage rider’s spine and surrounding muscles are essential to directing a horse to engage his hind legs. The way a rider sits in a saddle during a workout helps to effectively communicate desired moves to the horse. Because a rider may be off-center in the saddle, it can cause a horse’s varying movements to become unbalanced. The fundamentals of weight distribution are of utmost importance. Repeated shifts in posture will often prompt a rider to favor one side, adding even more stress that can bring about a crooked command center from the rider’s seat. Chiropractic spinal adjustments and manipulation of back muscles have been shown to relieve pain, relax muscles and increase movement which enable a rider’s arms, legs and spine to function properly when riding.

Dr. Arianne continued, “Even down to sitting in a saddle, a rider’s seat bones won’t be aligned and the ability to make muscles contract and relax will be inhibited. The top riders realize how important their body’s effective communications are for the horse. Any athlete from any sport comes to understand the importance of balance in their body. Riders are no different.”

A commitment to community, especially the Wellington Dressage community, has been a strong thread for over thirty years for the Weiss Family Chiropractic Centers. Dr. Arianne’s parents, Dr. Brad and Dr. Cetty Weiss, sponsored through their Chiropractic Centers top riders like Christopher Hickey, Nancy Later Lavoie, and Shannon Dueck just to name a few.

Once a dressage rider herself, Dr. Arianne climbed the dressage ladder quickly. By age 14, she had already trained for the Prix St. George and began competing at the Junior Level, following with the Young Rider Level. Spending three summers in Versailles, Kentucky under the watchful eyes of dressage trainer and rider Kathy Priest, she participated on a junior team at a top CDI in Mexico, competing at CDIs in Wellington, Dressage at Devon and the North American Junior Young Rider Championships. Dr. Arianne immersed herself into the sport with great success. While still continuing to ride and compete, Arianne studied Molecular Biology at Palm Beach Atlantic University and then decided to focus her education on chiropractic study at the Palmer College of Chiropractic (the founding college of chiropractic established in 1897). After grad school, she showed her horse up through Prix St. George, but her time with horses was lessened by life’s demands, marriage and working in a busy chiropractic business.

Dr. Arianne, along with her long-time chiropractor parents, Dr. Brad and Dr. Cetty, currently works out of two offices, one in Wellington and the other in Lake Worth. Her parents originally opened chiropractic offices in Wellington decades ago. Dr. Arianne Weiss cares very much about the dressage rider Photo: Tracy Trevorrow

The Weiss Family understands dressage riders and brings a long-term commitment to the sport and community.

Dr. Arianne built a strong foundation through her studies of subluxation (when one or more of the bones in a spine move out of position and create pressure on or irritate the spinal nerves and cause malfunction), neurology and x-ray analysis. For many years, together with Carol Cohen and others, the Weiss Family Chiropractic Centers also sponsored many three-day Junior/Young Rider clinics with Ulla Salzgeber, Lisa Wilcox and Steffen Peters that included food, classroom forums and riding.

With a passion for seeing other riders achieve their goals, especially when it comes to riders maintaining the wellbeing of their bodies, Dr. Arianne appreciatively acknowledges, “I love what I do. I see a lot of riders of all sports here in Wellington and, while dressage riders usually have strong core strength, often come in with muscles out of alignment. Their ability to sit straight is paramount and their ability to use both their legs independently is important.”

Explaining further, “I see riders who come into our offices saying ‘my right leg works great, but my left leg just isn’t being as effective as it needs to be.’ Some riders come in with overdeveloped abdominal muscles and weaker back muscles and feel themselves leaning to protect their backs. After adjustments and muscle therapy, their bodies are then at an optimal performance level.”

For 30 years, this family of Chiropractors has been offering a diverse range of techniques to help all athletes from spinal and extremity adjustments, acupuncture, massage, and different physical therapies.

- Spinal Adjustments
- Extremity adjustments (Carpal Tunnel, Tarsal Tunnel, Jaw pain and more)
- Acupuncture
- Kinesiology Taping
- Massage Therapy
- Specific patient physical therapy modalities

Dr. Arianne reassures, “The people who often become our biggest advocates are the people who come in when it’s the last straw and they’ve been in pain for years. They cannot believe the difference. Their whole lives are turned around.” She added, “Chiropractic does not have to be scary. There are all sorts of ways to adjust a person from stereotypical chiropractic cavitations where you hear the “cracking” to light techniques with no sound effects, but very effective. One cool thing many don’t know is that the noises actually come from gas being released from the joint.

Dr. Arianne’s philosophy:
“As a Chiropractor, our entire goal is to free up your nervous system. Your nervous system controls your whole body from your heart, muscles, lungs, limbs, etc. Your brain and spinal cord are like Florida Power and Light (FPL) or your local power company where it sends lines of electricity out into the community. If you have a little flicker in your legs, you may have an impingement on that line. We, as Chiropractors, are going to remove that impingement so all the electricity properly gets to the different places in your body,” Dr. Arianne stated. “We really help fix a problem instead of masking a symptom. The patient really becomes more educated about their own body, and they build the sufficient strength they need. Life should be enjoyed. We will help your body reach its full potential. Our goal is to have you living pain free, with proper motion and overall increased health.”

Along with her parents, Dr. Brad and Dr. Cetty, Dr. Arianne cares that physical harmony requires the right balance of the body.

Recently married, Dr. Arianne and her husband just bought a small farm and plan to build, sometime in the future, an 8-stall barn with one or two dressage horses along with some trail horses. Weiss Prestia said, “The trail horses will be a fun activity to share with my husband.”

If you have any questions about any techniques from chiropractic to acupuncture, feel free to call the office and one of the doctors will be happy to speak with you.

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