Yeguada de Ymas Breeding Program Shines Through in Europe

Written by Betsy LaBelle - In Dressage - Thursday, September 11, 2014

Juan Matute Jr and Jamaicano de Ymas III Photo:

Jamaicano de Ymas III and Juan Matute Jr have qualified for the Aug. 6-10 FEI World Dressage Championships for Young Horses for 5-year-olds by receiving two scores above 80 percent. Born on the farm in Spain at Yeguada de Ymas, the young stallion continues to build strength and confidence under the top rider, the 2014 Wellington Nations Cup Bronze Medalist, Juan Matute Jr.

Yeguada de Ymas, owned by Cristina Danguillecourt and Javier Bacariza, breeds, raises and trains horses that shone in all the levels earlier in the year at the Wellington Florida winter circuit and now, throughout the summer, in Europe. With a core strength in breeding talented horses with expression, and a foundation-building training program, their horses climbed the levels in the international dressage arena with the highest scores during the early summer qualifying competitions in Madrid (CDI Club de Campo de Madrid) and Barcelona (Can Alzina, Barcelona 2014).

2014 European Young Riders - Team Spain Photo;

In May 2014, at the CDI Club de Campo de Madrid competition, Jamaicano de Ymas III and Juan Matute Jr. scored 83.6 percent in the 5-year-old Final Test for the first qualifying score. During the second competition, the Can Alzina in Barcelona June 4-8, they scored 81.20 percent in the 5-year-old preliminary test, and an 86.20 percent in the 5-year-old Final Test. That test score set a new highest record for a young Spanish horse. Together, Jamaicano de Ymas III and Matute wait for the Spanish Federation to make the selection for the Young Horse World Championships.

Jamaicano de Ymas III is the off-spring of Jamaicana IV and Estanquero de Ymas.

“Since he was born, Jamaicano de Ymas III proved to be special,” Danguillecourt shared. “Watching him play in the fields with his peers, one could observe his natural spring, reunion capabilities and extreme faculty of extension from his very first steps. We didn’t start to train him until he was 3 and a half years of age, and the actual riding and training did not start until he was 4 years of age. He likes to play in the paddock before his training session, and I believe that helps his happy horse attitude and his ability to concentrate.”

Matute said, “Jamaicano flew great from the states. He did not lose any weight at all. He looked super fit from day one and was ready to start working. Our first show was at the CDI 3* Club de Campo in Madrid. He was a bit nervous the first few days but after realizing that his “buddy” was there with him, (in other words, me) he cooled down and relaxed. We did a magnificent job that weekend obtaining a 78.8 percent the first day in the preliminary and an 83.6 percent on the 5-year-old final. We left Madrid with a big smile on our faces, with our heads high, because of the brilliant scores achieved and because we had one of the two required scores needed to be able to represent Spain in the World Championships in Verden. During Can Alzina, Barcelona 2014 last weekend, we placed first in the first preliminary day with an 80 percent, the second preliminary day we placed second with an 81 percent and in the final we once again placed second with an 86 percent. These are great scores, a great experience and lots of fun. Now we definitely have our scores needed for Verden and now we wait to see if we made it on the team. I’ve still got my fingers crossed, but it looks good. Jamaicano and I are learning and growing in our partnership at high speeds. I have so much fun with him. Congratulations Cristina and Javier, Yeguada de Ymas for this amazing horse.”

Juan Matute Jr. and Dhannie Ymas at 2014 European Young Riders Photo:

Next Junior/ Young Riders European Championships Arezzo, Italy, July 9-13, 2014

The Team prepares next for the Junior European Championships in Arezzo, Italy.

Matute’s sister, Paula Matutue, said, “The next competition will be the Junior/Young Riders European Championships. This year it looks like Spain has a strong team for the Juniors. I am really looking forward to see what the future holds for us.”

Her brother said said, “Dhannie Ymas won the three days in a row during the Can Alzina, Barcelona 2014 competition last weekend. He took the Junior Team Test with a 69 percent, the Individual Test with a 72 percent and the Freestyle with a 76 percent. Overall, it was great. We still have some final touches to fix but besides that, WE ARE READY!”

Paula Matute riding Tarpan Ymas at Aachen 2014 Photo:

His sister added, “Now we have four weeks of concentration before the big finals where we will fix all these things without a doubt in order to perform our best. I believe both of my horses have top potential and will play a good role this summer.”

In the Under 25 Grand Prix Level

Juan Matute Jr rides Don Diego Ymas and Paula Matute rides Tarpan Ymas and they continue to gain experience at the U25 Grand Prix level. During the CDI Can Alzina 2014 Barcelona competition, Don Diego Ymas scored 70.73 percent at the Intermediate II B and and 68.52 percent at the Grand Prix. Tarpan Ymas scored 68.21 percent at the Intermediate II B, and a 66.04 percent at the Grand Prix.

The big challenge for them is to try to make the selection for the team at the 2014 Aachen CDIO Under 25 Grand Prix. The competition starts only days after the Junior/ Young Riders in Arrezzo, Italy.

Paula Matute shared, “Additionally, for the U25 I am currently waiting for the federation to make the selection official, and if I am lucky and get selected, then Tarpan Ymas and I will be looking into the prestigious CHIO AACHEN. Just to think about it after only one month riding Grand Prix is already more than satisfying.”

Juan Matute Jr and Don Diego Ymas Photo:

Juan Matute Jr. shared, “Don Diego is the sweetest. He and I have made a huge jump from Juniors to Small Tour, and now to Grand Prix in less than a year. We still have much to learn and need more experience in Grand Prix, but I couldn’t be happier. We won both days in Barcelona, first day in the Intermediate II B with a 70 percent and in the U25 with a 68 percent.

When asked, what is it like competing in Europe as opposed to Florida, Paula Matute said, “Perhaps the biggest difference is the number of Junior and Young Riders in the shows. Competing against so many riders motivates me to perform better and perhaps awakens a lot more ambition in me. I believe it is an outstanding way of learning new things and keeping up with the European evolution. What I mean by this is that since there are not too many riders in Wellington, we fall a bit behind on what is actually going on out there, when we arrive to Europe, we realize we need to move it up a notch higher.”

Paula Matute and Juan Matute Jr at Aachen Photo: